The word tie-dye became almost synonymous with the hippie movement that took place in America, parts of Canada and Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. But the art of tie-dye is going back. It is a technique that has been practised in places like China, Japan, India, and Africa since the 6th century. The mostContinue reading “THE TIE-DYE HISTORY”


Tired of brainstorming, huh? Do you really have no idea what to offer your partner? Don’t worry, we’re here to sweep your partner off their feet this Valentine’s with seven interesting gifting ideas without even tearing your pockets. So this time, go a little out of the box and show your loved ones that theyContinue reading “VALENTINE GIFTS IDEAS”

Fashion in 1930s

The 1930s was the Great Depression era, people were facing economic difficulties, but it was no obstacle to changing fashion. Women always liked keeping up with trends and still invested a decent amount of money on grooming such as make-up items and sometimes visits to the salon. Fashion was described as elegant and polished inContinue reading “Fashion in 1930s”

Fashion in 1960s

The 60’s, aka Swinging Sixties, was an age of greater versatility and equality in fashion choices and other things for women. A significant change in fashion from the 1950s was seen in the 1960s, but some trends nevertheless found their way through the 1960s. This age is one of the amazing eras in the historyContinue reading “Fashion in 1960s”


The time spent working or chilling with family is irreplaceable but giving time to your own self is just as important. It’s time to rejuvenate! When it comes to skincare, my funda is easy, it has to be time efficient and resource efficient with the current scenario. Spending hours on skin care in a dayContinue reading “LOCKDOWN SKINCARE”


The ‘Neverfull’ tote by Louis Vuitton was born in  2007 and grew up to acquire an iconic status.  It radiates a bright light from the prism of classic and  timeless bags after several seasons, and more than a decade later.  As the name suggests, it was designed to never be complete and to help women  around the world in the most practical, simple, and voguish etiquette carry their endless daily essentials.  The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a unique  blend of versatile and functional elements, impeccably crafted.  The tote is spacious but not voluminous, sleek but not delicate, defined  by its ability to embrace almost anything to which you present it.  The Neverfull is the ultimate tote that can be flawlessly accessorised with your  ensembles, seamlessly transitioning itself from day to night, from city errands to holiday escapades. Materials  What really makes Neverfull stand out is undoubtedly the use  of the signature materials, coated canvas and leather of the House.  These materials are the heart of the DNA  of the brand, durable, instantly recognisable, and popular.  In Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur,  and Epi leather, The Neverfull is mainly published. Monogram: In 1896, Georges Vuitton first introduced the distinctive monogram canvas  of The Maison to limit counterfeits and copy its designs.  The distinctive pattern combines the famous initials, quatrefoils, and flowers of  the LV, influenced by the Victorian age’s Oriental and Japanese styles.  In generating the monogram editions,  robust vinyl-coated canvas is used. Damier canvas Before Louis Vuitton’s monogram version in 1888, the Damier canvas was created  to give his designs an exclusive identity and protect them from being copied.  ‘Damier’ in French stands for ‘checkerboard’, which correctly describes the check pattern used  by the company in the design of many of its bags and trunks.  In 1998, in the ‘ebene’ hue, which is  a neutral brown tone, the Damier canvas was reintroduced.  A black coated canvas base printed with a  dual-shaded brown checker is used at the Damier Ebene. Damier Azur: As a new interpretation of the notable Damier canvas, the Damier Azur  was launched in 2006, with the French Riviera serving as its inspiration.  Like the Damier Ebene, the Damier Azur displays a checked pattern, employing  subtle shades of blue and white and the logo sporadically nestled in the boxes.  It too is recognised for  its long-lasting quality and fashionable appeal. Epi Leather:  Introduced in 1985, the first leather line  released by Louis Vuitton was Epi leather.  The Epi line has its roots in the 1920s,  when the house made custom travel pieces using grained leather.  It was created in accordance with modern travel requirements and  conditions, keeping in mind the demand for more durable leather.  Scratch-resistant and waterproof, it offers  a two-tone ripple-like graphic display effect.Built to withstand any weather condition, its method involves stamping a textured pattern on  the vegetable-dyed leather and applying a special colour on the surface of the grain. Continue reading “FASHION INVESTMENTS”


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